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Backstories by Simon Van der Velde

This collection of short stories is both a puzzle and a totally riveting read. Each story is a keyhole glance into the life of a well-known figure before they were famous – or infamous. Their identity is never explicitly stated – it’s our job to figure it out. Some characters I twigged quickly; others took the help of Google for me to work out. I ended up going down a fair few Wikipedia rabbit holes to find out more!

Simon Van der Velde has a chameleon-like ability to inhabit a range of very distinct voices. Each snapshot of the characters’ lives gives an insight into their inner workings and crackles with a unique energy. Sometimes funny, sometimes chilling, always captivating, this original, interactive collection makes a lasting impression.

Thank you to Simon Van der Velde for the review copy! 30% of profits from the sale of Backstories will be shared between Stop Hate UK, The North East Autism Society and Friends of the Earth. Scroll down for purchase links if you want to grab a copy and start working out who’s who…

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